Kojote is a purchase to last for years to come. It is a baby and a child’s bed, an art- and craft table or shelf for children from 0–7 years old. No part becomes superfluous. Kojote is flexible and regards the changing needs of children.

Parents always want to be with their baby. The Kidskoje weighs only 2000 grams, allows more proximity to the baby and more freedom of movement. Kidskoje cares for a mobile family during the day and provides a peaceful sleep at night.

Tweed cuddle partners with strong character for small and bigger children.
Super companion on a journey or in the kindergarden. Certainly, they also chase monsters at night.

See what the press says about Kidskoje. If you also like you wright about us,
please send a mail to info@kidskoje.de.

We are parents, designers and carpenters and create things for children that give room for their development and fit to their changing needs.