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who we are

We are parents, designers or carpenters and we create stuff for children, that will give space for their creative ideas and changing needs. Things that are sustainable and have a long life, things that are beautiful and and make fun for children.

Emotional design

Our products are emotionally appealing. We often hear "Oh, so cute and beautiful!", because Kidskoje is child-friendly, protecting and gives the feeling of security.


For Kidskoje safety and an outstanding quality are obviously as important as the design. Many babies have inspected Kidskoje and we still receive postcards from parents who confirm how much their children love the littly cuddle cot.
With all the love for details a carpentry company in Saxony manufactures our Kidskoje in a very stable way and our sewing studios in Berlin and Poland produce stitch per stitch perfect covers. Kidskoje’s quality is tested by its users and we know that it is sometimes passed from family to family up to the 8th baby!

Child's belongings

When my daughter was born, I saw a black-and-white film about Inuit people who carved a cot out of a tree trunk. They where expecting a baby. The little cot was covered with reindeer skin and decorated with ornamented straps.
It was quite more than only a first bed. It was a tranportation vehicle and a sledge and the new born child visibly was feeling safe and comfortable.

That old handcarved baby cot was the reason to design a cot that is mobile, lightweight and sturdy and that is usable longer than four or six month. That is how we created Kidskoje the patented sleep-, transportation and game concept.
Certainly my daughter was out of the age for a baby cot when the prototype stood on the table. Therefore I founded the label Kidskoje. Today we design, produce and sell creative furniture that grow with the child.

As an industrial designer I also create interiors, furniture and spaces for children, private clients and companies. We would like to hartily thank all those people who support Kidskoje with words and deeds.

Dörte Grau, Dipl. Designerin

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