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From baby bed to child's room

KOJOTE is a baby, a toddler and a child’s bed as well as an art- and craft table or a shelf for children from 0 – 8 years old. KOJOTE grows with the child, is creative, ergonomical and sturdy. No part becomes superfluous and with a breath the rail structure turns into a shelf and the colored bottom into a junior bed. KOJOTE is adaptable for many uses, combines sustainability and design, has fresh colours and a clear expression of form. KOJOTE is a purchase for years to come.

KOJOTE is manufactured in Germany from certified materials. It is flexible and cares for the changing needs of children. That pleases parents and children. The coated and coloured plywood panels are easy to clean and scratchproof. In September 2014 Kidskoje presented KOJOTE at the Kind+Jugend Show in Cologne. It was nominated at “future of kids design” as one of 10 most inspired design works for children.

Baby level
Toddler level
Escape hatch
Raised sided

The four lives of Kojote

vom ersten Nest


Initially COYOTE is a baby bed. The bed bottom can be placed in two different heights. The higher position is for small babies, who are still not able to sit upright. Mum and dad can easily take the baby out of the bed.


When the baby has grown and can already sit upright, it is time to adjust the slat frame at the lower position. The removed plate at the foot end of the bed now creates an escape hatch for the toddler.

### THREE – CHILD’S BED When the child grows and aspires to freedom, the rail structure can completely be removed. Not even restless dreamers can accidentally fall out of the bed at night, because it still has raised sides. The junior bed is for children from 2 – 7 years old. ### FOUR – STORAGE SPACE AND TABLE Turned for 90 degrees and supplemented by boards, the removed rail structure transmutes into a shelf with an art- and crafts table designed with children in mind. The former escape hatch offers now an opening for a chair. Alternatively, reinsert the plate and you get an additional shelf board. **** ## zur Krabelhöhle ****
## No part becomes superfluous! ****
## Shelf and craft table **** ## Junior bed and Tobeinsel
## Colors Measures Weight **** **Measures** 1470 x 800 x 740 mm **Weight** Bed, rail structure = 35 kg; 4 x shelves, back panel = 15 kg **Material** 18 mm plywood birch, coloured phenol film coating or veneered oak. **Age** 0 – 7 years
**Colors** transparent white – nature dark turquois – nature light red – nature light blue - nature veneered oak, waxed **Not included** Mattress, 70 x 140 cm **** ****